Thursday, February 3, 2005

Why Marriage?

Why do people get married?
I believe it is because you need someone to validate your life. Your contribution in the world will not go unnoticed. Someone is there to notice YOU. One other person knows you, really knows everything about you that you are willing to share, and even things you weren’t. Someone who knows what turns you on, and off not only chases away It is to make your life count in this big world. Your existence is noticed, and so are you needed; emotionally, spiritually, and physically.
The world will never offer this, not even fame can. Marriage is this only better because, marriage is here and now.
And if you’re lucky, it will last in the hereafter also; Validation for eternity. Is there anything better than being noticed, every day?
People will crave fame and fortune because they want their life to count. But even famous people will fade into the background. And yes, even marriages fail but isn’t it because someone forgot to notice someone else? This is why human nature draws us so much towards making love, is shows you are noticed, and needed physically.
Need for validation is why people cling to their religion so tightly. It is another form of validation for one’s existence. Even if that justification comes after this life. It is a possibility that humans will cling to even if it is a dream.