Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Toddler Woes

Well, we've all been there right? Moms? Babysitters? You have been there....tell me you've been there!?!?
This 23 month old of mine has me at the end of my sanity strings.
Example of my day yesterday with Cameron, my disclaimer is that I am a good mom, and an attentive one. I was only doing dishes or cleaning up some nasty thing after Cameron when I was less than 20 feet away while these following events occured.....
He took a carpet staple right out of the carpet and purposely stabbed my mother repeatedly in the shoulder with it and said...."Ouch?"
EVERY time I fed him today he threw his utinsils on the floor. He rubbed cheese in his hair (not 3 minutes after his bath) and dumped a whole bowl of fruit loops down his front. And laughed at me. I got him out of his highchair and he proceded to take not one but two consecutive handfulls of dog food and throw them across the floor as well.
He got into my pens and tore caps off, threw the caps across the room in several different directions and wrote on himself and the closet door. - Where was I you say? I was cleaning up the previous mess.
Then as I proceed to damage control on this new adventure of his, he ventures on to the computer desk, where he climbed up on the chair, then the desk, then he found a capsule of antibiotic which I had carefully hidden. He pulled that sucker right apart and a dusting of medicine went everywhere, in the keyboard, on my desk, in the paperclips. Everywhere!!
He later pulled all the DVD's he could reach down off the shelf and attempted to open each one in in turn and take the disks out.
As I collapsed on my bed from sheer exaustion; He came in to check on me from innocently playing with his toys in the hallway, with my husbands hand razor scraping acrossed his face in the said motion. I am very suprised this didn't end in an ER visit.
Can I just say that this all happened after I got home from a long day at work. And I gave him a 30 minute bath to pass the time until the blessed bedtime ritual.