Thursday, September 24, 2009

My "Baby"

Look Who's Five!

My Blue-Eyed boy is FIVE! This was a sad day for me, I must be honest, there's something about the big "5" that makes you feel like your baby is not a baby anymore.....

Ah well. We had a nice family dinner with Grandma "D" and Uncle Jeff, Cameron had Spaghetti and purple jell-o while everyone else had Pot Roast and some other good stuff.
Cameron couldn't wait to open his presents....(of course!) There was this GIANT one on the table before dinner started that he couldn't keep his eyes off of.

When we "finally" were done with dinner the presents were opened....he got some fun things from everyone....Money from JaNae and Family, and money from Grandma D, (which he bought two Spongbob movies with) some pirate and knight "guys" from Nama and Papa, a Castle and accessories from Kevin and I.....

we couldn't get him away from those until this came in.....

Nice! A new bike from Grammy and Jeff!

THe cake was fun to make, a rainbow cake at Cameron's request, you can read about it here.
He had a great day, thanks everyone!!

He went on his bike four times the next day and played with his castle for 4 hours straight!

We love you Cameron!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Cameron the Artist

I had a week off from work and so took a TON of pictures and had a lot of fun doing things and spending time with the boys during my "Staycation"
Cameron enjoyed having me home and enlisted my help with his creative endeavours which I am always happy to oblige. Cameron LOVES to draw, color, create anything Lego's, blocks, etc.

He can do any one of these things for one to three hours at a time! It's fascinating to watch his long attention span and wonder when the stinkin' heck is he gonna get bored already! I watch him create while I accomplish tons of other stuff of attention span is not as long as my 4 now 5 year old's..... SAD.

Here's those beady thingies you create then iron together....I helped with this one...a little.

Here's a Haunted House sticker/glitter project he did himself . No help was fact; no help was demanded. Look at the cute crooked shutters he did. One opened and one does he KNOW this stuff?

This is an X-Box controller and DVD/Game. He made many games of different colors and built a Lego TV and X-Box to plug them into and "Watch"

Here is three of 6 Monster's INC. Pictures he drew after we watched the movie

He begged me to use Nathan's spare Poster board so he could draw REALLY he drew his shoe.....among other things. It's cute! He didn't trace it or anything, the perspective is really good.

This is the collection of Spongebob Coloring pages he did in ONE SITTING
Well we did this and Play-doh, and sidewalk chalk and drew LOTS of Ed Emberly's step by step drawing books (HIGHLY recommended for any kid 4 and up) ....he loves it! I really enjoyed my time with Cameron, he's sweet and lovable, very cuddly and fun, it's an adorable stage this 4 turning 5 time. I hope he doesn't outgrow this stage too soon.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Birthday A-Fair

Yes, on my Birthday we went to the Utah State Fair, and if any of you know me at all you know I NEVER miss the fair.....the freaky sales people selling their weird stuff, the animals, the, who are we kidding! It's all for the FOOD!

I love it!!

Yes around here we only give shoulder rides when we're sitting down....

Pony Ride!

Here's Kevin enjoying his favorite Polynesian Roast Chicken Vendors' Kahlua Pork.....

Then there's the weird stuff the weird people are trying to sell...... Seriously, who buys a mini-rat transplanted from some exotic rain forest somewhere....if you ask me it's nothing but disaster waiting to happen.... (Actually we DO know this, a friend of ours bought one of these Sugar Gliders.....nightmare)

At the activity farm again.....same as last year....

I thought this pic was funny, I was about to delete, then saw the like father like son pose....

Cameron liked the 4-wheeler that was just his size....

And favorite Vendor.....the.....

My Friends....this is IT! HEAVEN on a STICK! Yes, they serve it on a stick, but it's a full size sandwich, warm and gooey inside, crisp and fluffy on the outside.....

Of course I could have stayed for the Deep Fried Snickers, Twinkie, Oreo, Brownie....etc.... But I had restraint....which I now regret....I would liked to have gorged on more items....

I have the recipe for this if anyone's in!