Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer Fun!

The summer started out with Trek for Nathan. He met some great people and made a few really good friends that are keepers!

This is the "White Out" the stake planned when welcoming the kids back home; we all dressed in white; brought flags, balloons and lots of people out to say "Welcome Home!"

The kids hiked up through the crowds of loved ones to the temple as their last hike of Trek.

We had some other adventures too; Nathan also went to EFY for a week at Snow College.  He met some good friends there too; from South Jordan!

Kevin had a company party that had a pirate theme!

This is Jack Sparrow; readying his vessel for a voyage with the kids.  Cameron played on this ship with "Jack" for like an hour or more; I couldn't get him down.

Why do my pictures always turn sideways????
Anyway, that ship was pretty cool!

Kevin and I got tickets to the parade of homes and saw the "Up" house. 
I was looking for decorating ideas; Kevin was a good sport; it was a lot of fun!