Friday, October 12, 2012

Aug, Sept & Oct so far 2012

Well Well Well, how time does fly!! We've had some great times the last few weeks and some sad ones too.
Kevin left to go train as a long haul truck driver; he's been gone since early September  and to be honest it feels like FOREVER and we are only in Early October and he doesn't come home till Early November blah.


BUT! Life goes on...((sniff)) .so here's what's been happening.

Zoo Trips! Ain't Season passes great? Cameron and I go together it's our date thing.

This big guy was stalking me; posing quite well for pics too.

Here's my big kid

The new baby giraffe

Cameron a bit nervous about the Gorilla

Cameron always must have a map, even though we know that place backwards and forwards

We've had Jedi Battles

Amazing Sunrises

We've tried on and worn our Halloween costume a LOT

The boys get along if I separate them like this just fine

Cameron is in a Submarine

Nathan is Driving

I am taking walks around the neighborhood

Cameron had a a birthday and  he's 8!!
He built his giant lego present in a nanosecond

Cameron's requested Ice Cream Cake

More legos! Thanks Nama

Jeff joined the Birthday celebration

So did Grammy

Classroom Presentation; All about Cameron

Love Mrs. Dailey!

Pointing out things with a sword....classic

 Oh yeah, I had a birthday too..... I should back up a bit......

We also went to the State Fair for my birthday; got the regular.
Fried PB&J and Fried Snickers.

Before that Kevin and I got to take a weekend away....Thanks Matt & Teri for watching Cameron!!

I love Food Photography! This is Brunch at Little America

This is us trying on hats at Little America - 

We bought Kevin's.

We had a great time eating, shopping, sleeping in and enjoying just the two of us for a change.
It was a great weekend!

Hey I did find a pic of the boys NOT fighting .....well, I must share then......

Happy Fall, Everyone!