Tuesday, July 31, 2012

June/July 2012

Summer time is fun! Though Cameron only had three weeks off between 1st and 2nd grade; that's year round for you! So far this summer; Cameron started second grade; Nathan started his first job at Brick Oven as a dishwasher (and is doing really well); Aunt Rachel and Cousin Luke came to visit.
We did go swimming at our friend Rachelle's pool.......

What else are big brothers for?......

 We had a Pig Roast at our cousins' house, Cameron loved the riding mower and seeing all the animals at the "farm"
 Was a great day! Here's my family, Aunt Jo, Mom, Aunt Lisa, Unce Kent, and Uncle Ron hiding in the back
 This is Cameron's 1st grade class singing chinese songs and putting on a end of the year puppet show....super cute!

Got to have a Lucas photo, he's not really loving Dave's beard.....

Here's a pick of the boys when Luke and Rachel came for a visit: the cousins all together!

Cameron loved entertaining Luke with his antics.....dancing, singing, karate moves....all very entertaining for Luke, we got big smiles and laughs from this little guy.
Hope your summer is great!