Friday, June 8, 2012

May 2012 Adventures

Phew!! May has been a busy month! We had Nathan's Jr Prom held at the capitol.....

In which the prom queen conceded her crown to Nathan who is the true royalty around that school.
Then there was the end of the year awards banquet and Gala where Nathan took over the dance floor and showed off his magic moves.....

Lets see that again shall we?

Here's his friend the prom queen, and his get that camera out of my face face.....

Open High School of Utah won Best of State for Best Charter School; so me ( in a weird looking scarf it's better in person) and the OHSU ladies and our spouses got to go to the fancy Best of State Gala.  That's me, our graphic design and digital photography teacher, Ashley Webb, DeLaina Tonks, our amazing director of the school, and Jenny Wurm; worlds best high school counselor!

This is Nathan (in the hat of course) and his construction classmates and teachers; they had an open house to show us the house they've been building all year; cool stuff!
Ribbon Cutting!

This house is fancy enough to be in the Parade Of Homes this year!

Nathan was trained to show the home like a realtor would and point out the features to the visitors and answer questions. He did great! The kids learned how to do EVERYTHING that goes into building a home; cement forms; framing, drywall, stairs, bathrooms,  installation of HVAC, plumbing, electrical, windows, floring, doors, carpentry details etc...etc...etc.... Nathan loves it and will do the same course next year where he gets to learn the forman and management side of construction.

We lost Kevin's Grandpa Hafen this month; he was 96 years old, a great man and a great example to us all. These are the cousins. Kevin is on the right. Lynette and JaNae are in there too.

Sweet time when the veterans removed the flag from on top of the casket, folded it and give it to Grandma Marie.

Cameron has also been up to his antics; he loves to create; here's his cup pyramid.

We also took him to try out a Karate class and he loves it! He's been back a few times since, we'll see how he does! His Sensai says he has great balance and he is FAST with his punches. We are hoping he gains some confidence and focus :)

This is Cameron pretending to be a turtle; he wanted me to tie the pillow on him like so so he could crawl around with a shell; notice the green - Turtles are green you know.

Had to put in a pic of my growing nephew, Luke. He is so adorable! 12 weeks old now. My mom got to go visit this month for a bit.  Wish I could have gone too!

Well that's it for May (I think!) Thanks for stopping by!