Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Create your own result

I am reminded of a saying "Don't compain if you choose not to learn from your mistakes"
Well, it just means when people say "No matter what I do, I just can't get ahead" I know that in reality, they are just. not. learning. Not trying something new, or something else. They're just doing the same old thing, and then hoping for a different result.
I like to compare it to gravity. It doesn't change anytime, no matter what you throw at it.
If you're tired of not having money; learn to give some away...Sounds crazy, but when you open your hands and give, you open your heart to more oppurtunities for growth and blessings.
Don't wait for others to find you, put yourself out there! Learn new skills, become more interesting. Get educated; become more valuable, make youself irresistable. Make an effort. Don't wait for things to fall into your lap. Things rarely do.
You have the power to climb out of the rutt you're in.

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

And you need a helping hand...

When you are holed up inside yourself. Upset, depressed; Distract yourself. Don't wallow in the negative, dont complain, dont write in your journal, it all breeds more negitivity. Find a positive influence in you life. Find A person that won't justify your unhealthy attitude for you, find one who will help you up and out of it. Laughter. "Laughter is the best medicine. " It makes everything better.
Laugh at yourself. You are human. That realization gives you the permission to feel okay about dumb mistakes you've made.
No one likes perfect people. I wouldn't know what to say to somebody like that. We pick the puppy with the bent ear. It's much cuter than the other ones.
Talk to someone!! We jump at the oppurtunity to make someone else feel better about their mistakes. It's our nature to want to reach out and help someone who goofed. And it makes us feel releaved to find someone who goofed as bad as we did (or do) so often.
Do something for someone else. Focus outside yourself. Generosity kills selfishness. And that's what all self destructive behavior is; selfish. Thinking about it. It's all about "me." Religion is good for this point. It gives you something other than yourself to focus on, and it shows you that God is there, and he loves you inspite of those mistakes He knew you would make. It teaches you to love your neighbor, improve yourself, and help others.
Let your pain go. And find yourself in a new challenge. Build your self esteem learning to do something new. And do something for someone else. Learn to make some christmas gifts! Learn to paint and give it away. Write poems about you're favorite person and send them. Making someone else happy is contagious.
Good luck to you!! And remember that God loves you!!

Sunday, April 2, 2006

The Toddler

It's all about growing independence and strong will; still padded in rosy baby fat and sweetened with love and kisses.
A perpetual mystery of toddlerhood is the fact that when I look at the clock ready to leave the house, it's 8:35, and then when I look at the clock again in the car before I pull away, it's 8:56; I suspect Cameron has something to do with time warping.
Cameron runs everywhere on his happy baby legs. He jumps up and down for no reason, like a joyful little spring that still supposes he should hold onto the floor with one toe.
Why does his food plate always end up on his head? And why then, do I laugh, and kind of wait to watch it happen....again.... and not care about the mess? So much for positive reinforcement. Does this mean that I am growing as a mom? I'm learing to let go of controlled perfection?
There is NO controlling this toddler, one can only mildly suggest in the sneakiest most manipulitive way possible. For only with manipulation can you fight manipulation.
And only with bribery can you distract a toddler.