Saturday, May 31, 2008


Instead of blue, I want to desire yellow
I want a strength in my union, not weak indifference
There is day, dusk and dawn, only night is always looming.
Rain, Stars, all magic lilting over the earth a
Magic I cannot grasp. Ever, oh Ever
Seeking my solace, peace, my guardian angel
Where is my metaphor, the soul to capture and
Protect mine and all I desire to give them, be that
There are so many questions of loss, fill this void
A chance gone, of why hast thou, be that newness
Endless need, comforting predictability, meaning
Never-ending time spinning back to me again
Is life simply searching for perfection? Not God's,
Instead; acception, sought apathy, satisfactiory rest.
Is it the sence of peace, knowing the day will be yours
Not a one owning your time, encompasing your sences
Insead I posess where I give the last drop of self
Instead It is all taken