Friday, September 17, 2010

Summer Fun!

Well we had a great time this summer but I think everyone will agree that it just FLEW BY!!

Here's Cameon in our fun pool, and Nathan trying to hide evidence he hangs out with his brother and enjoys it!

Cameron's newest thing is puzzles! This one's an easy one but we have 8-10 that are 200-500 peices and he loves them, we did one a night for a few weeks, it was fun!

                Nathan's hair  before EFY and Pioneer Trek-and then Nathan in compliance

Fourth of July with Lynette and Brian and the gang!

We went to visit Mom and Dad a couple of times; this trip I got to see Cedar Breaks and Kolob Canyon for the first time.  It was breathtaking!! All of it - best day of the summer for me! Thanks Dad!
Nathan went on a 'Pioneer Trek' with our church youth group; they walked 23 miles and pulled handcarts; all in the name of having them appreciate what their ancestors went through - and in my opinion, it helps them realize how great they have it!

Nathan after Trek and before the 30 minute shower and the 2 day nap

Nathan's Trek family, he's on the left - where's your hat??

The women's pull - where they guys don't get to help -when the men went to war the women had to do this on their own -  this was the hardest part for Nathan of the whole Trek - thought that was sweet.

Nathan had a great birthday he got to go to California for a batchelor's weekend with his Uncle Dave - who took him to see Primus.
He had a birthday party with some buddies at Hollywood Connection.

Nathan didn't even mind that Cameron tagged along :)
Clay, Andrew, Corinne, and Nathan

Nathan was so excited about his router table! He loved it!

Love you, John and Laura! We had a great time with you!!

Goodbye Summer! We'll miss you!

Spring Fun!!

I know, I'm a little behind, considering it's Fall now.  But you know what they say! Better late then.....well you get it.  We had some fun this spring; a lot of prep for the end of the school year for Nathan and some fun awards for him too!
Cameron at the Dinosaur Park

Cameron helping me with our new favorite cookie! (to be posted some day on my recipe blog)

Nathan winning Technology student of the year at Legacy Jr, and PE student honor at Open High School of Utah.  Great Job Nathan! I love these pictures! Nothing like shaking the hand of a State Senator!