Saturday, March 21, 2009

John's Visit

We love it when John comes to see us! He is our best friend. Well, I can't claim him like Kevin can, they've been friends since 3rd grade. But he comes to see us about twice a year, and we look forward to it always! We have a great time and it's just nice to have him. John is a great help to us, kind, generous, and very good with the kids. He is easy going and fun to be around. Sound like an advertisement laidies? He's dating someone, sorry.
We always explore new parts of Utah when he's here. That's a lot of fun. Here's some pics from his visit this month....

Kevin and John and Nathan havin fun on the slopes

On our way to exploring the Salt Flats

Did anyone know the salt flats are under water this time of the year??? Yeah. Me neither.

Playing Lego's with Cameron

Reading Dad and John a book

At the Wetlands Preserve by our house

The "We're so happy John's here!" Dance

More from the Wetlands Preserve.

We miss you John!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cutest Pic Ever

This is my current favorite pic of Cameron, I had to share.
We got this Pirate Ship for him for Christmas.
You can tell by his suprised face it was a winner. :)