Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Thanksgiving Leafy Love

Happy Thanksgibbin!
Thanks so much for being here! Thank you Thank you Thank you. I love the fall, I love pumpkins, I love cinnamon, I love apples, and leaves!! red, orange, yellow, brown, green and all the colors in between. I love leaves!! I'm Crazy for Leaves!! Soon: they buying of chool supplies will start - I love crayons, I just want to buy a box every year just so I can own perfect, pointy, good-smelly-colorful crayons - which means school will start! I love school!! I want my own first day of school every year, I want to organize my items in various corners on the top of my desk, I want my pencil box, and my crayons, pencils, and erasers to fit perfectly in my cute little box. Ok, off track this school stuff means ..... Fall is here!!! Now I can bake, bake, bake, and buy produce and enjoy harvest time, take walks, take photographs of the leaves, inhale and become intoxicated by the fresh air. Wow. But, then the dreaded Halloween ruins my fun, but just temporarliy. I guess it's all good, cause I can then eat candy, and the next day put out more pumpkins!! Decorate my home with leaves!! Then plan the giant get-together of Thanksgiving. This holiday just means food. Love It LOVE IT!! Yummmmmmmmmm...

Monday, November 1, 2004


I used to put my self worth against how "successful" and organized I was and how much people needed me and couldn't succeed without me; in my office management, or teacher, or secretarial jobs. Not in my wife and mom job.
This year that will change. Mostly because of something mom said to me..."Being a mom is the most important job there could be. It’s what I’ve always wished for you" I realized I didn't think that before because growing up we focused on me developing a career, not a family, because of the assumption that I wouldn't have kids. So, consequently having kids made me feel like I wasn't doing things right, or doing enough. But I am suddenly proud of myself for doing what I do. My contribution to society will be my well adjusted.... hopefully, kind, polite, children. And that will make the world a better place, much more so than my filing and organizing an office.
I am happywith my mommy status, and I haven't been able to say that without reservation before.
November 2004