Saturday, February 25, 2012


Weekend Projects are awesome.  The whole familiy gets involved.  You usually end up spending twice as much money as you mean to, and end up going to the Home Depot or Lowes about 3 times more than you planned......and spending twiced a  much time as you planned, but it's all good.   In this case the results were great! Mosiac Glass Subway tile is way cool.

 Nathan is our newest construction expert; he sanded the walls after I cleaned them.

 Kevin planned and measured and cut the glass with a very much needed, rented, wet saw.

 Here is the end result!
with a giant quesadilla frying on the countertop; "Mucho queso, mucho pollo!!" ok, don't ask.

 Pretty cool huh?? No outlet covers or grout yet, but you get the idea! Don't look too closely at the fingerprints on the appliances.
Whatdaya think?? Gives the room some grand texture and fun! Thanks, Kevin!!