Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happenings This Year

Some random fun things that happened in the last few months.....In no particular me.
Our best friends C.J. and John had babies like a month apart.... Well...their wives did.

Cameron lost his front tooth

We found some cool sled hills in Daybreak

I went to Indianapolis for the iNACOL (online learning) conference for Open High School of Utah
I got to stay in the biggest hotel I'd ever seen; it was amazing!

Beautiful City!

Here are some of OHSU's beautiful teachers! They all did a wonderful job on their classes and presentations; we were pretty popular for a small Utah School.  Innovators in Education!

Cameron's class celebrated Chinese New Year

Cameron helped bake cookies; ok, this was random

My brother Dave and sister Rachel had their first little one; Lucas Dale Parkin, Born March 3rd.  I'm gonna go visit in April,  YES! Can you believe he's only 3 days old in this picture?? He is so cute and alert - ready to take on the world.

He looks like Dave here

Kevin's family came over for some Kinect time after a family wedding, we connected over the Kinect.

They had fun!
We did too!
Here are the observers.
Ann and Tyler had baby #3 at the end of February; we are so happy for them! Meet Drew Michael.

More to come! I realized I hadn't posted Thanksgiving or Christmas pics yet.  We'll that's what I get when I start school full time and start a brand new extra challenging job and travel for said job for 9 weeks in a row.