Friday, August 19, 2011

My Baby Turned 16!

That's right folks, my firstborn child is almost an adult.....seriously?!?!?
What happened to my life?  Well, we wont go down that road here, maybe in another post......

We had a family party Sunday, his favorite dinner on Tuesday (his actual birthday) and then a friend's party Saturday. It's been a busy week.....
Here's the opening of presents.....
This lovely gift was not subway sandwiches after all....though it would have made Nathan pretty happy either way; Jeff and Siena you totally could have saved money here!

This outfit he's wearing was wrapped up in the Subway papers.....cute!! Oh, I mean, Awesome.

Party Guests! Family from both sides; it was great to have everyone together!

 Here's the Cake.....Oreo! Nathan's favorite; I'll show you how I made it on my cooking bloggity blog.

Then the friends' party was fun too; Nathan decided on a YouTube party.  We had decorations, food, and costumes all themed; YouTube.

Double Rainbow Cupcakes; these had rainbow cake on the inside and chocolate rainbows on the outside; I'll have these on my cooking blog too then; Charlie bit my, Fingers, these were dough with a pepperoni stick wrapped in there; cut to look like a bloody nail (no blood in the real video clip; I promise) Nyan Cats Treats; just strawberry PopTarts; then Potter Pals Licorice wands; licorice dipped in white chocolate for the handles.
The only clip from above I found funny was the Potter Pals, but whatevs....

Nathan streamed a bunch of his favorite YouTube videos in a play list to watch randomly with everyone



Water Balloons!

And of course Costumes.  Nathan is this guy from YouTube and Old Spice TV commercials. Love it!

We decorated the house with these


We got out Nathan's Scrapbooks at both parties for some teasing and reminiscing.
Fun Times!!