Monday, December 2, 2013

2013 So Far :)

We've had some great fun this year! Nathan GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL which is the most amazing accomplishment of my parenting career if I may say so :)

Here he is at his Construction Tech Open House, showing us around and touring us through the beautiful home that he helped build. He's explaining the features below to a Chamber of Commerce member and his Grandma :)
Looking Good Kiddo!
Cameron is 8 and 9 this year and continues to be a joy and very much in charge and on top of everything; he keeps me smiling and keeps me in line!

We have a Zoo membership and Cameron is very good at getting us directly to the gift shops which is his favorite Animal I believe.

I received the Trailblazer of the year award with Mountain Heights Academy, this was an extreme honor! I am so proud of our teachers and administration, and am happy I can be a part of this amazingly innovative school.
Nathan showing off his moves
Nathan with Jizelle, Kenji, and Stein

And he's official!! My Graduate!! The tassels are for completing the Construction Tech program

The after party party
Fourth of July, Jeff made sure he set the boys all up with some great pyrotechnics :)

We went to the Ogden Amphitheater to see Rachel and Outrageous play!!

Yea Rachelle!!
Cameron got his Orange Belt

We hit the zoo several times, eyes to the skies in Sandy, and had a great time for many days at the new park by our house.

The Farmers' market at pioneer park was a fun place to go too!

Cameron's Birthday party!! Happy 9th sweetie!!

LOOK at this AMAZING cake by Grandma Becky!!

Happy Birthday Cameron!!