Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Lovin' My Earthly Existence

I am happy. Content really. There's not been much contentment in my life (my own fault) till this last 6 months or so. I am happy with my marriage. So happy. We are in a groove of mutual respect, consideration, and equal parts attraction; it's so reassuring, and heavenly.
I am so adore my boys. Nathan and Cameron. Nathan is 10, his soul is sweet and kind. Always caring about me and his brother. Always able to entertain himself, low maintainance, loves reading and legos, he's quiet and reflective. Cameron however, will be a force to reaconed with; he's 18 months, going on terrible twos. He cracks me up. He's so sweet though, just inquisitive and very clever. Not talking much yet, but he doesn't have to. He's got it all figured out on how to get what he wants anytime anyway, he's very determined. But this is all SO fun for me. I'm exausted; but entertained nontheless.
I like my job situation. It'll work for now. I'm happy in an easy, low stress position that pays really well for a night job. It provides me with a social life, and girl talk. I'm happy with my hobbies. I just got done doing a musical, had a pretty good part, got to improve my vocal and acting skills a bit. I learned a lot, and met a great bunch of people. Networked a bit, etc. Always good for the self esteem.
Things are good. I'm not overdrawn in the bank account. Kevin's in school and handling that and work beautifully. I wish I had more time with the boys, or to cook, or to read etc... but who doesen't want more time? Yes. Things are very good.
-disclaimer: I realize that most likely, ironicly, because I stopped to express my joy at all the blessings in my life; things will come crashing down all around me. Soon....very soon. (deep, evil laughter Wwwwwwooooooohhhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhaaaaahhhaaaaaa)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Friend for Life

We have a good friend staying with us this week from Chicago. I hope he'll forgive us for the chaotic week we have had. Really, we haven't had much time to spend with him; with Hubby starting school (yea!) , my play every night, and hubby's parents in town (obligating us to spend time with them... It'd be fine if they came another week, but they wanted to see my play too! My 10 year old is in it also) , and with our 18 month old, we really can't do much else than hang out at home, it's freezing! ... or go shopping (....ick....) He and Hubby did get to go skiing, but the first day they tried; the canyon was closed due to bad weather, so they had to turn around and come back home. On top of that; the poor guy got the stomach flu from us while he was here and was sick for a couple of days, and then his computer went wacko. How super lame. After this bumber of a trip, I fear he will not want to see us again...ever.
But really, he's not that petty. And he's incredably forgiving.
I've been reflecting on how awesome this guy really is; I wish you all out there a good friend like this one; He'll make a great hubby someday. I hope he'll find someone who adores him, never takes him for granted, and takes great care of him.
He and hubby have been friends forever; through thick and thin; He's smart, SO smart. Resorceful. Incredably motivated. Sweet, caring... great with kids. He's a loyal friend. Totally low maintainance. He's happy to just hang with us, eat dinner, sit and talk. No pressure. He'll forgive us for this lousy vacation. I could list ALL his talents here, but I wouldn't do them justice; nor, I'm sure, do I know them ALL. But! He's creative, and artistic, and can create amazing, original things; furnature, costumes, personalized dvd's ie; he's a videographer for weddings, dabbles in stop anamation and other creative stuff, he also does video collages complete with amazing menu's and dvd covers, portraits, pencil drawings, new inventions, photography & he could do anything in this arena really. He also knows a lot about computers and software. For work he is a graphic designer and creates original logo's, brochures, advertisements, posters; anything they need really. He has a degree in graphic design, AND archetecture. Wow huh?
We would like more than anything to have him here in Utah with us. I think he would find happiness here. Maybe even find himself a good woman to take care of him. But she better love him like we do. Better even? Is that possible? I'm not sure. :) We'll miss him terribly until he gets out here. Then we'll shower him with love and attention when he finally arrives. Is that, and our eternal friendship, and the prospect of a brand new and exciting life in the beautiful Northern Rocky Mountains and all the perks that come with living in a beautiful setting; a short drive from all kinds of outdoor activities, kayaking, mountain biking, skiiing, rock climbing, (shameless plug) going to be enough for him? Wish us luck!!