Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No I don't Photoshop (not yet anyway)

Of a few things I am fairly certian:

A. My child has fabulous matching and pattern skills

B. My child is GREAT at entertaining himself

C. My child has OCD

D. We have way too many Duplo's
E. I stand corrected. There was a slight tantrum because we didn't have enough Duplo's to make an entire fifth robot, life is hard around here.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Son #1

Nathan, in my humble opinion, is the sweetest, kindest (?) most genuinely honest kid I know. Nathan is my bud, my smart and curious, sensitive, loving, helpful kid. And as such he is a little shy and kind of likes to fade into the background, and he's humble. Like most teenage kids, he is not too willing to be photographed, where on the other hand Cameron will ask me to take his picture almost every day. Hence all the pics of Cameron; and Nathan's are fewer and further between, but trust me, you should see my stack of Nathan's baby/kid pics. I just wish they were digital! Nathan is curious about a lot of things, we have great conversations about history, politics, religion, people and how they think, he thinks deeply, considers all sides, and makes his own conclusions and will tell people, especially (and even) his teachers! He's not afraid to tell them how he feels about where the thinks the world has gone wrong. (This is a historical point of view, not religous one). His teachers really have great things to say about him, they say kind things about this nature, that he is "A JOY!" that he's a "Deep Thinker" that he "Is VERY respectful and considerate." His history teacher tells me he asks Nathan his opinion often about what they're talking about (maybe too much he admitted), but he says Nathan will not answer immediately but really think before he speaks and give honest and inspiring feedback. The news that his teachers love him and aren't worried a bit about the other stuff.... is great because I'm ALWAYS concerned about his school progress, but parent teacher conferences are SO positive that they help me chill out, speaking of; I'm working on a piece about Nathan's personal struggles with ADD, more on that later, it's my work in progress. Nathan does have a good head on his shoulders, his sense of right and wrong are admirable. He will not buy into certain things, does not conform to what people tell him to do, and will quietly rebel in his head, but never want to offend anyone. He'll respond respectfully if he's asked but wont push his opinion on others, this is helpful in church, we try not to rock the boat there. :) I love our conversations and he is always willing to talk to me, and sometimes he wants more attention than I give him. (I need to be better at this) He's in that stage, you know, between wanting independence and still needing love, attention, and validation from mom. Nathan loves to cook, likes to play with his brother, likes to play cards and board games with me, LOVES video games and movies and some TV shows like Big Bang, Lost, and Hero's. He is into Lazer Tag, biking, snowboarding, fishing, and he recently has found that he LOVES working with his hands.

He's taking woodshop this semester and he's the favorite, the teacher is always complimenting him and his work. He's SO excited about all the projects he's doing. He has like 135% in his class, he's worked so hard last term that he "technically" could sit and do nothing this term and still get an "A". Here is his "Critter Catcher" that works like a charm, in fact it's SCARY it's so fast and loud when it snaps shut it scares me, he loves it! He's made a long board, this bat, and a boomerang, and he's working on a Mothers Day gift I'm not supposed to know about....

Nathan made this bat in woodshop

Here are some more pics of my TEENAGER, (UGH!) but what a cutie.....

St. Patty's Day

K, here's all my boys :)

Snowboarding with Dad, (And John)

Here he's patiently tolerating his brother
I know, I know, we're getting haircuts tomorrow.....


Monday, April 6, 2009

An Inspiring Quote

"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. No matter our talents, education, backgrounds, or abilities, we each have an inherent wish to create something that did not exist before....Creation brings deep satisfaction and fulfillment. We develop ourselves and others when we take unorganized matter into our hands and mold it into something of beauty."
-President Uchtdorf

The rest of the talk is quite reassuring too....

I wondered why most of us have this constant, never ending drive to make, create, invent, improve & believe things can be better and believe we can make it happen. From cooking to gardening, home improvement, decorating, photography, crafting, improving peoples lives at work, home, church, wherever! I thought it was Human Nature, but it looks like from this talk, the correct term would be Eternal Nature. I suspect that is what God is doing all the time, and what He was doing as He created us, the world, and the universe. Makes me feel even closer to Him knowing He shares my love for these things too.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


I was looking though mormonmommyblogs and found some adoption/foster care ones that were very helpful and informative but this just broke my heart. It's a list of kids available and looking for adoptive families. I just couldn't help but look at each one and wonder how their lives would be if no one adopted them. And how awful their lives have to be to be placed in foster homes and taken from a bad situation. And let me tell you it has to be REALLY bad before DCFS will consider removing a child from their natural parents and families. And thinking about their plights, and the fact that they aren't accepted and loved like they should be, and that they are hurting, and sad and maybe feeling hopeless and abandoned. And then I wanted to adopt them all! I know, reality dictates so much to me, and it's painful to realize that I'm in no position right now to be able to help. Taking on a teenager requires time and money that I don't have. Taking on a smaller child takes time from Cameron and Nathan that I already have so little of. Oh, and one requires SPACE for adopting a child, which I don't have. My living situation is not condusive to this at all....
My mother in law, Carol, did foster care for newborns awaiting placement to their adoptive families (while paperwork and red tape was being completed.) This was inspiring that she did this, and definitely doable for someone who can stay at home, and not have to work. But that's not for me right now. I could help a child who's in school, and I think I'd be a great candidate to help an older child.
This is heartbreaking, touching, thought provoking, gut wrenching but please take the time to pass this link on if you or anyone you know is thinking about adopting or foster care. I know it is the hardest thing anyone would do in their lives, and the most rewarding and joyous thing anyone can do. After all, that's what parenting is right?
I will be looking into the process anyway, maybe I can help more than I'm giving myself credit for.