Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Cameron woke up to a Lego Easter sruprise!

This keeps him busy for at least half an hour so we can sleep in

Arrrrrrgh! It be the Krusty Krab and Spongebob!

Cameron is always hapy when he gets his own bag of M&M's.

We had Kevin's family over for Easter dinner; it was nice, the kids got to do an Easter Egg hunt, and had a great time! Here is the after.....

But I guess you'll want to see the before......

 I love the kids running part of the hunt; it's so cute!

 Look at this little one!! So happy and excited!

And of course we had to swing for awhile!

I have some other pics but they'll have to go on facebook, I'm not sure why when I upload they turn sideways and I can't fix them from here, bummer....if anyone knows how to fix that let me know!

Weekend Project

 Kevin's family had this 60+ year old oil on canvas painting that had been given to Kevin's Grandpa many years ago.  It had been wrapped up and stored for quite some time and had been passed around a lot that way just waiting for a taker who was willing to give it a shot. Well, I fell in love with it's potential for the boys' room.  Cameron wanted a Pirate & Ocean themed room and this went perfectly!  The canvas is 4 1/2 X 9 feet long and was just rolled up like fabric.  We needed to frame it so Kevin and I went to Home Depot and got some 2 X 2's and some brackets and Kevin built the frame (and did and AWESOME job I must say)

Here it is all laid out; we're ready to stretch and staple to the frame
 This took quite a bit of effort and staples but I think we did okay for the non-profesisonal framers that we are

Here it is ready to hang! The colors are nice dark rich greens and blues for the trees and water and I think it's beautiful.  Reminds me of "South Pacific" and Bali-hi.

AND here it is hung up and part of our pirate adventure room! It sits between two windows ( the painting is about as tall as the window's too. There is much more to be done in this room,  but this was a great start, don't you think?
Thanks for your help Kevin, you're amazing!!