Friday, October 24, 2008

The Bad, and the Ugly

Here's the gory stuff, that happened over the past year or so.... maybe it will make you feel better about your life. That's kind of morbid but, Well, I live to serve.....
I wrecked my Malibu a year ago last May, then wrecked my Lumina last month. I'm fine, thank goodness. Geez, it wasn't all my fault, but it is SO inconvenient and SO "unfair!" We had another car who's block cracked a summer ago, so we lost three cars this year. The good thing is two of the three cars and the one we currently have in working order were/are gifts. So the expense is really just convenience so we can deal with that just fine. But it's like....Again?!? REALLY?!?! Why do we have such bad luck with vehicles? Then I think, wait, we have GREAT luck with Vehicles, we keep getting them as gifts!

Kevin's and I are trying for Baby #3 (Girls scare me, but Kevin wants his "Princess" so I'll be happy either way) but so far I've had two miscarriages and then a real surprise...We didn't know it but I had one tubal pregnancy that didn't show up on our radar until it ruptured. Wow that was an adventure. I bled 3 units internally, I had to go into surgery before the docs could find what was actually one could see through all the blood on the scans, so my OBGYN had to open me up a 5 inch tall incision to find the problem. She found the ruptured tube and repaired everything, She was able to save both ovaries and one tube. I had a blood transfusion and here I am a week later walking around feeling alive and fabulous! I'm off work for 5 weeks, and the good part is, I really needed a break from work....and I really needed to shift my priorities. I really needed to spend this time with Cameron, It is so good for me.
These pregnancy losses are disappointing and scary to say the least but we're fine and not discouraged. We can try again in 5 months or we will!

Nathan had some struggles this year started when he got Mono last year and after 4 bouts of strep, he had his tonsils out last November. Then we got him a snowboard for Christmas and consequently hurt himself pretty bad in January. He took a wrong turn and my beginner ended up tumbling down a black diamond run, he had to be transported down the mountain strapped to a board by the emergency team at Snowbird...(Thanks so much you guys, you were amazing!) They were worried about a broken back/neck....he thankfully "just" ended up in a knee splint and shoulder splint for about 6 weeks. But that was hard for him. Then about 2 weeks later, the Mono came back. And this with the injury made school pretty difficult and he missed over 20 days of school in a term. This spiraled him into a pattern of anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. Because this kid aims to please and he was falling behind very fast....After much encouragement from us, counseling and some depression medication and a great summer AWAY from school, :) he's doing much better. Now that we're back in school, he's doing much better, this pic is Nathan's first day of 8th grade, and he sprained his wrist two days before school started!

Nathan's whole experience coupled with Cameron potty training, and in his Terrible 3's and needing endless attention. Kevin working and in school full time, me working full time and trying to be everything to everyone. It was hard to keep Nathan from feeling overwhelmed and guilty about needing so much of my help. I tried to keep him happy and positive and caught up on school work and keep the rest of the family happy too. It was hard on me. I had two close friends going though some bad stuff themselves and I wanted to give them a lot of my attention/counseling. After that...I was just too busy for anything else, so extended family, friends, hobbies, church etc got put on the back burner, and now I can't remember what I used to do when had time to do it.

Though I haven't finished paying off the tonsils, MRI's, three of my surgeries, a ambulance ride, counseling, & medications, the bills are hanging over my head, tapping me on the shoulder, I keep telling them, "I know, I know!" You'd think my company would garnish my wages since it's them I owe the money to.
Anyway, in May....
Cameron's babysitter whom we loved SO much had to suddenly stop doing daycare, so this was a big blow to us and to Cameron, we had to find someone else, but no one is a good as Michelle was to Cameron, we miss her! Just as an example, I would drop Cameron off at Michelle's and he couldn't WAIT to go to her house, I didn't have to give him a second thought when I was at work. This was because I was SO comfortable with her, and knew she would take great care of him, I know she loved him. Now that he's in a new place, I can't get Cameron off my mind while I'm at work.

Then....At the risk of sounding like I’m in third grade and crying while chasing after a moving van...... carrying away my best friend….My best friend Allison moved to Montana.
My other fabulous friend, Dan, moved to Arizona.

To be honest, it was hard for me to think of all the hard stuff.... I had to ask, "Honey, what crappy stuff happened to us in the last year and a half?"

I guess that's good, I don't really like to stay upset about stuff I can't change, it's not attractive. :)

But maybe you'll understand us a bit more, and feel reassured, like we have something in common. We're struggling too! Gas prices, food prices! Medical bills! Working our behinds off and feeling like we're not getting ahead....ick. But here's something I've learned....we will make it! Don't worry about stuff you can't change, and just move ahead, PLOW ahead. Don't get in debt, Do everything you can to prepare your home and family for emergencies. Don't look back, and don't panic. You'll be okay. We'll be okay!

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Good Stuff

Good things??
Kevin bought a 250cc Scooter, see above, this is Kevin driving and my brother Jeff on the back.... and we head out on this thing as often as we can and it's a blast.

Kevin's in school again for just one more year now, so I find myself with a little more time on my hands....hence the blogging.

I had an eye surgery...a lens implant. (a good thing! I can see 20-20 with no contact lens and I can't wait to do the next one!) for those of you who dont know I have/had no lenses in my eyes since they were removed when I was 12. So I'm legally blind with no contacts in, and I have no depth perception consequently. But now I can have the lenses implanted so I am experiencing the miracle of having eyesight 24/7. It's SO COOL! I will get the other eye done in November!

We got to visit Allison in Montana in May, our good friend John came to visit us in April and will be returning in October. I went to Nashville and stayed in this amazing hotel complex for almost a week with my Mom. (Much to the dismay of Kevin...sorry babe) Our good friend CJ is back in touch with us….well me mostly because guys don’t do phones well you know, and it’s nice to have him back though the casualty was his marriage and a never ending divorce and custody battle. Poor guy, and Poor Christopher, his son, caught in the middle. I hate divorce. But I’ve never supported one as whole-heartedly as I do this one. Tells you a little about the mom huh? As the late Bernie Mac used to say, “Nuff Said.”
I love my job, because it's challenging, and I'm needed. My boss is incredible and my team is there for each other.
Kevin and I are great too. We're happy, content to be together every second of the day, and a little sad we can't be all the time. That's a good thing for a marriage of 13.75 years. :)
Nathan's having a great year so far. He's doing well in school and his teachers and counselors are really good to him and good for him.
Cameron is FUN. And healthy, and potty trained and started preschool. He's going to be 4 on Saturday and I'm sad to see him grow up so fast. Each moment with him is filled with joy, wonder, and hilarity.
My mom bought us Lagoon passes so we've been enjoying the "free" entertainment. We're about out of debt....well, except the scooter and the mortgage worth of Student Loans looming over our heads. But that's okay, we'll tackle that next year :)
We're spending tons of time as a family and I've never been more content. How are you??

Thursday, October 9, 2008


K, You have to know something about me.... I am very involved in politics. I could care less about politicians per say, but I am very up on world events. I am in tune to the outside world. I never used to have a desire to be this person, this one "up on the issues" but I've learned a lot about the world around me and found that I used to buy into a lot of things that were not real. I didn't used to be this way, this one to argue about political issues, banter back and forth with my siblings about who's right who's delusional when it comes to political issues. I didn't used to even care. But someone taught me that being ignorant is no fun either.
I have to tell you about Glenn. He is a guy just like you and me. He could be my big brother, he is someone that I get. Someone who knows what I'm thinking and delivers every time with honesty and genuine innocent concern for the whole world, but even more so for his family. Glenn is an alcoholic (well, he hasn't had a drink in 9 years), but he was into drugs, had pride and egocentric tendencies and hurt people with his desire for fame and fortune. This was until he looked around one day and noticed that he had everything...and nothing. He was at the very end, suicidal, ready to leave this earth because of indescribable woe and frustration with his material world, his lack of purpose, his emptiness. But by the grace of God..."Saw the light" and changed. He found a good woman, and together they found our religious Faith, a faith that changed him and bought him purpose, direction, and real love. His purpose is exemplified by his new radio program and TV show. He is a grounded man. Faithful. He tells the truth, wants to find the truth, is a man of values, an independent. He will show you both sides and show you the way God looks at things. We need this in this time of unpredictability. He's Focused on a goal of brining us together, encouraging you to be a better person, he has a focused goal....though he'll tell you he's "riddled with ADD." His humor is refreshing. I admire him and what he has to say. He speaks to me, I feel like he gets me too. I'm aware that this is the plan, to get more listeners.....get them to connect with the host. But I am aware of those tactics, but still, there's just something about him.....
Get a taste of his honest brilliance, and you will be hooked.... while explaining our maddening economy crisis he can connect with you and show you the future, the consequences of our actions....Check him out. but better still, find him on the radio. He's the third most listened two radio program in the country.
See website links for "Economy crisis explained"